This function will search for strings that indicate a record is restricted in its use and will flag the restricted records.

flagLicense(data = NULL, strings_to_restrict = "all", excludeDataSource = NULL)



A data frame or tibble. Occurrence records as input.


A character vector. Should contain the strings used to detect protected records. Default = c("All Rights Reserved", "All rights reserved", "All rights reserved.", "ND", "Not for public")


Optional. A character vector. A vector of the data sources (dataSource) that will not be flagged as protected, even if they are. This is useful if you have a private dataset that should be listed as "All rights reserved" which you want to be ignored by this flag.


Returns the data with a new column, .unLicensed, where FALSE = records that are protected by a license.


  # Read in the example data
  # Run the function
beesRaw_out <- flagLicense(data = beesRaw,
                        strings_to_restrict = "all",
                        # DON'T flag if in the following data# source(s)
                        excludeDataSource = NULL)
#> \.unLicensed:
#>  Flagged 0 records that may NOT be used.
#>  One column was added to the database.